Monday, November 23, 2009

Order and Shipping prices

All orders over $40.00 will receive free shipping and handling.
Orders under will be charged $4.00 for shipping in continental United States.

Contact me at and thank you!

Nymphs $1.75 sizes 12 and 14 colors: pink, golden, black

Egg Patterns $1.50 size 12 and 14. Colors: Chartreuse, orange, cerise, golden nugget

Marabou and Soft Hackle $2.50 size 2 and 1/0

Traditionals $3.00 size 2 and 1/0 specify fixed or blind eye.

Welcome to Twin Maples Fly Company! This is built around 20+ years of a passion for fly tying and chasing those beautiful silver bullets also known as the Steelhead. What I offer are Traditional Speys using modified hooks with either a fixed or blind eye using the Bronze Mallard overwing as in Traditionals from Scotland and Ireland. There is just a complex, yet simple beauty to these as they fish and catch quite well! I am also offering a few egg and nymph patterns from my Signature collection. Any feedback on my flies would be much appreciated. Thank you again for entering my blogspot and enjoy!
Chris "ICINGDEATH" Furlong

Dedicate to my grandfather Harold J Furlong who taught me
about the great outdoors. Rest in Peace PoP. You are
sorely missed.